Monday, May 18, 2009

Malibu Sarah

This is my summer look this year. I got the hat at Shopko today because I need a wide brim to protect the delicate skin on my face from the harmful UV rays of the sun. The glasses are from the dollar store, can you believe it? They are sunglasses that go over regular glasses! Cool huh?

I picked Sam up like this today and he said, "....What.. are you wearing?" Kira says I look weird but she couldn't wait to try on the hat. I think if you blur your eyes a little and look at me with your peripheral vision, I look glamorous.


  1. I think instead of "delicate skin on your face" you meant "prevent your skin-stache from growing"....right??

  2. to complete your look, you need bright red lipstick and a smart pocketbook with some heels you wear even at the pool. and then mitch will tell you that you "sure look swell".

  3. I have to get one of those. I'm going to get one like Samanatha's on the "Sex and the City" wide as my shoulders.


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