Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We are spending our weekend on yard projects. Yesterday Mitch got a dump truck load of black dirt so we could fix up our garden. It's not much of a garden, just a little thing on the side of the garage, (it's still more than I can handle) but the dirt has disappeared over the years and the paint on the garage was peeling and dirty so that whole area looked terrible. Here's what it looked like before:

Notice the peeling paint and the lack of dirt and the weeds. So much dirt was lost you can see the foundation of the garage. Not anymore! Mitch and I painted the garage, and then he made a rock border and filled the garden in with new dirt. Here's what it looks like now:


I don't even want to plant anything in it because I think it looks so nice with just the fresh black dirt. Unfortunately there is a lot of dirt left over. Probably another garden's worth.

Anyone want some free dirt?

Notice the tents in the yard behind the dirt? The kids put them up yesterday and thought it would be a great idea to sleep out there! I thought they were crazy for even thinking it, but I told them they could. So they jumped on the trampoline until about 9:00 and then went to bed. They had only their chintzy little Walmart sleeping bags and pillows. They lasted out there until 6:00 this morning and then they came in the house. I got up at 3:00 and checked the temperature and it was 40 degrees. I was tempted to check on them to make sure they weren't hypothermic, but I stopped myself. People survive in 40 degree temps all the time and I bet they only wished they were in their parent's front yard and had Walmart sleeping bags! I checked on the kids at about 9:30. Here they are:

I don't think Sam has slept past 8:30 in his entire life. He said he was tired because he pitched his tent on a slope and his sleeping bag kept sliding so he'd wake up every few hours and have to claw his way to the other side of the tent.

Kira is still sleeping. Notice all the blankets she has piled on her bed. She must have been freezing. I like that the tent makes her so tired. I think I might tell her she can't sleep in it again. That will ensure that she really wants to, no matter how uncomfortable it is. I like when she uses her incredible stores of energy on keeping her body warm instead of driving me crazy.

Today I'm going to mow the lawn, and do some other stuff on my long long list of outdoor projects. I wore my hat yesterday and it was fantastic. My face is still the delicate alabaster it was all winter, but I forgot I was wearing it and went to Home Depot and by the time I realized I was still wearing it, it was too late to take it off because I had hat hair. People kept staring at me like they thought I was Jennifer Aniston. NO, I'M NOT JENNIFER ANISTON, I'M JUST DOING YARD WORK! Man did I get sick of saying that.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!


  1. Actually, I would LOVE some free dirt! Do you Bemidji??!! We have a bunch of yard projects planned as well...our yard just isn't as big as yours (thank God!). :)

  2. I love every inch of the post. And am happy I didn't comment earlier about the peeling paint on the garage that was a distraction in your Malibu Sarah photo.

  3. Uh Oh, that is not the same building. I just looked. Sorry, time to fix that too. LOL

  4. Yes Kelly! It was the same building! Now it's all fixed and perfect!

  5. Ah, bird house missing. Well anyway, maybe if I blogged and took a picture of myself next to the whole in our siding from the weed waker incident, Mike will fix our siding.


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