Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Devastating Blow

I know I promised to be a ray of sunshine, but I have some terrible news.  After carefully selecting special seeds, buying little tiny greenhouses, planting my special seeds in my tiny greenhouses, and tending to my sweet little seedlings for over a month, most of my crops were destroyed yesterday.  It was partially a stupid move on my part, and partially a powerful act of nature.  It's a chance you take when you live off the land, I guess.  Here's what happened. 

Yesterday was a nice, summer-like day so I decided to plant my garden. I planted cucumbers:

 Get used to this picture

Cukes in the back, peas under the fence, carrots in the front.

 I'm not very optimistic about the pumpkins


 Stock photo

and I planned on waiting a few weeks to plant my pepper and tomato seedlings.  I had them in a big tray and every morning, when the weather warmed up, I would put them outside on the deck and then in the evening I would bring them in to keep warm.  I took better care of those seedlings than I do my children (until yesterday). 

The seedling tray was outside soaking up the rays of the beautiful day.  I forgot they were out there and we went to Mat's house for dinner.  About a half hour after we left we got a downpour.  No biggy!  Rain is good for plants right?  Sure, but when they are sitting right below the eave of the house and in a deep plastic tray, it's not so good.  I came home and looked at them and some were just washed away, some were soaked and limp, some were okay, but super pissed.

Ohhh,.... the devastation!

  "We hate you."

I'm going to let them recover for a few days and see if any can be saved.  They will never forgive me for this.  I'll get bad vegetables, I just know it.  The worst part is that Mitch rubbed it in this morning. ("Rubbing it in" is about the worst thing you can do in this family, just ask Kira.) He plants his crops in Topsy Turvy tomato planters and I told him he could use some of my seedlings.  He scoffed.  Whatev.  Well, this morning, knowing about the Devastating Blow, he said to me, "I think I'll plant my crops today, where are those seedlings you planted?"  WHAT?  Look who else doesn't care:

not so devastated


  1. I LOVE the hamster stuffed into the springs of the trampoline being MADE to watch his owner jump....

  2. Yeah Amy, I wondered if anyone would notice that hamster!


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