Monday, May 24, 2010


Questions I still have about LOST:

1.  Who the hell is Jason? Who was the first Jason?  How did Lock turn into Jason if he was Lock?  Why did Jack become Jason?  Why did Hurley become Jason?  What happened to Hurley and Ben?  (Whoa whoa, that's 6 questions in one.  Not exactly following the rules.  But all Jason-related, so I'll let it go.)

2.  Why was Desmond pressing the button? 

5.  What about the polar bears?....WHAT ABOUT THE POLAR BEARS?

6.  Why is the time/space continuum controlled by a donkey wheel in a basement freezer?

7.  If they are all dead anyway, what was that stupid thing Desmond uncorked and Jack recorked, and why bother?

8.  Was Lock right the whole time?  Or was Jack right the whole time?

9.  Where the hell was that dog for three years?

10.  What about Michael and Walt?

11.  Why does the after-life suck so bad?

12.  Why didn't the smoke monster just float off the island if he wanted off so bad?  He's SMOKE.

13.  Mr. Echo was my favorite.  What happened to him?  Why wasn't he in the shitty afterlife?

14.  Why were those cages that Kate and Sawyer got locked in on the island anyway?

15.  If I kept watching Lost instead of giving it up for Glee in the middle of the last season, would it make any more sense?

15.  If I knew how lame it ended, (THEY'RE ALL DEAD) would I have started watching in the first place?  I think I learned as a college freshman that it is a cop out to kill off all your characters, or to say, "And it was all a dream...!"  Lame - o.


  1. Bitch...I haven't watched like the last 6 episodes and was saving them for when I had time to really watch them. But now I know the mystery...they're all dead? Lame. Thanks for ruining it for me.

  2. Oops, I forgot to write SPOILER ALERT! Sorry Beth. But, yeah, they're all dead. And the flash-sideways is the after life.

  3. I never watched one episode and I can see from this that it's not my kind of show. My friend is coming over tonight. She loves the show, so I'll get her take on the ending.

  4. I just watched it. I think I have two very satisfying answers for you?

    14. polar bear cages
    7. they weren't dead when the corking and recorking happened

    Just kidding, not satisfying. I feel ambiguous right now. Here's a funny video for you to watch:


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