Sunday, May 23, 2010


Summer vacation hasn't even started yet and the kids are already starting to act all bored.  Today I told the kids that they are in charge of the daily cleaning-up-of-the-house chores.  This usually takes me an hour or so and consists of cleaning up my room, making my bed, starting the laundry, picking up and wiping up the bathroom, emptying the dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen, and then picking up the rest of the house. 

I told Sam he was in charge of the kitchen and living room, and Kira was in charge of the back of the house.  All she had to do was wipe up the bathroom and clean up her room and bring dirty clothes downstairs.  She HATES any kind of chore so she was immediately resentful of having to do anything, but she did it anyway, all red-faced and in a huff.  She wiped up the bathroom and as soon as she was finished Sam went in there.  She saw that and busted in on him.  Here's their conversation:

Kira - WHAT do you think you're doing?
Sam: - Um... using the bathroom?  What does it look like?  Get out of here!
Kira - Seriously?  I just cleaned it!  SERIOUSLY?  Now you're going to mess it up!
Sam - Kira, no I'm not!  I have to go to the bathroom, get out of here!
Kira - (slamming the door to the bathroom) SERIOUSLY?  It better not be a mess when you're done!
Me - Congratulations, Kira, now you're also in charge of the basement.
Kira - SERIOUSLY!!!!!????

I can't tell you the joy I felt at that moment.  This person who is a living tornado of messiness, who leaves a trail of junk and mess and garbage everywhere she goes, was mad that someone would use the bathroom after she wiped up the vanity.  MOOHOOHOOHOOHAHAHAHA!  HOW DOES IT FEEL, BABY! 

In my defense, I never tell anyone they can't use the bathroom after I clean it (except Mitch, but that's just for spite). 


  1. Hahaha!

    I'm in charge of cleaning the bathroom. When someone comes in five minutes later and leaves water and/or a dirt buy the sink I'm DISMAYED. So far my kids complain about doing chores but not about other people messing up their hard work.

  2. How long until I have to wait until I can use my kids for slave labor?? Is 5 and 2 too young :) I so look forward to the day...


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