Monday, May 17, 2010

Kira in the Car Part IX

"Mom, how many bars of soap do you think it would take to wash a python?"


  1. Answer: It takes three standard bars of soap, or 13 bars of hotel soap to wash a python thoroughly.

  2. Admin, I told her that you wrote that, and she looked at me with awe and said, "Do you think he's a zookeeper???"

  3. Actually, it's just me, Jared. I inadvertently changed my ID the other day, and haven't bothered to change it back.
    I am not a zookeeper, but my sister is a Dr. of Zoology :)

  4. Oh Jared, you can't imagine the disappointment Kira felt finding out that "Admin" was not a zookeeper. She has built you up in her mind as being on very familiar terms with all sorts of animals.

  5. Who's to say I'm not? Where is it written I have to work in a zoo to be on familiar terms with different animals? In fact, I'm probably *more* familiar than a lot of zookeepers, since I don't have to waste eight to ten hours a day shoveling dung in a zoo! I can use those valuable hours to study Wikipedia.
    (Note: in fairness to any zookeepers who may read your blog, I know they don't spend their days shoveling dung. Sometimes they retire to their office to check out FailBlog or browse YouTube, and sometimes they attend zookeepers' symposia, where they trade favorite FailBlog and YouTube posts.)


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