Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Poles! Poles! POLES!

Last summer my clothesline broke.  It was a Canadian clothesline (does anyone know what that means that isn't from International Falls?) and the sun rotted the line so it broke.  I lamented the loss of my clothesline so my sweet, industrious husband made me a new one that I really love.  Here it is:

It has four lines, it's easy to reach and it holds WAY more than the old Canadian clothesline.  I love it.  And, like everything Mitch makes, it's STURDY.  Sure, it's a yellow pole, but that's okay.  I can live with that because it is such a nice clothesline.  He even put caps on the ends of the tubes to keep spiders out. 

After this Mitch began to think of himself as something of a polesmith. (I just made that word up, nice!) He likes the Topsy Turvy upside down tomato plant bags, so he made this pole to hold them:

Yes, it's yellow again.  What?  Why?  I don't know.  The top of the pole spins and at the end of each arm is a circle that holds a potted plant.  He welded it all himself.  It's strange, but it's pretty handy.

Mitch liked his "hanging gardens" so much last year that he had me buy him four more Topsy Turvy bags because he said, "I have a plan..."  I was thinking maybe it would be a nice gazebo with the plants hanging off the eaves, or he has been talking about making an arbor, so I thought maybe he would work the planters in there or something.  Nope.

It's another pole.  This pole not only has upside-down tomato planters on it, it also has two strawberry bags, and two hot pepper bags.  Yes, that's right, it has eight arms.  And a flag on the top.  And it's yellow.  The cinder block is out there because he has to stand on it to reach his bags.  He put them up so high because he's pretty confident that his plants will be super productive and they will grow really long and he wanted to give them lots of room.

In the category of eight-armed yellow yard poles, it's top notch, but let's be honest, that's a weird category to begin with.  The man has become obsessed with yard poles.  The other day when we were sitting on the deck looking out over the yard and all the poles, he said, "Do you think if we ever have to sell the house, these garden poles will be a good selling point?"  I don't know about that. 

I was walking around the yard today and came across this leaning against the garage:

More poles!


  1. I don't have property for clothes lines, so I use a drying rack in the bedroom. Your way is way prettier.

  2. Polesmith.... i like the sound of that

  3. Perhaps it will be going in the Boudoir??


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