Sunday, May 2, 2010

The down-side of being an NPR nerd

I'm listening to Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippet on NPR right now.  I HATE this show mostly because of the host.  She is soooooo self-important, and pseudo-intellectual and smug.  Here she is:

Don't you hate her now too?  In this picture she's "listening."  Barf. 

Today on the show, she is interviewing Desmond Tutu and she's trying to be her regular earnest, irritating self, and he's having none of it.  He will not take her seriously and keeps making jokes and then laughing his head off for awkward amounts of time.  It's the kind of laugh where you lean back and roar at the ceiling.  I can tell because it sounds like he gets pretty far away from the microphone.  Either that or he's running around the studio laughing maniacally, which would explain Krista Tippet's nervous laughter. 

Anyway, I am loving it.  He's not being mean or anything, he's just having a good time and old no-sense-of-humor, I'm-so-important Ms. Tippet has been caught off guard.  Ha ha. 

My little teeny beeny-hat is off to you too, Bishop Tutu.

Now I'd like him to go on Marketplace Money and put Tess Vigeland in a headlock. 


  1. I am loving This American Life podcasts over here. Ira Glass' voice can put me in a headlock anytime.
    Just kidding I love the show, but hate how you can hear the spit in his mouth when he talks.

  2. Yeah, I've noticed that too. He needs a bigger filter on his microphone or something. Or maybe he should just spit.

  3. You forgot to mention how Krista o-ver-e-nun-ci-ates. Fingernails. Blackboard. Yikes. The stories on This American Life are frequently so good but I just can't listen anymore because of the uber-hip music and Ira's overwhelming delight at his own cleverness. (Cat sound)

  4. Oh boy. I would have to tune her out for sure. Who knew Desmond Tutu was such a little prankster?


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