Thursday, February 9, 2012

Give Mommy What She Wants Or Else

I just wanted a nice picture of my little girl in her concert attire, ready to give her first band concert in middle school.  Would she oblige?  Take a look:

What's that?  Are her eyes crossed?  Why yes they are.  I saw that and simply said, "Let's take one more," thinking it was just a happy accident.  I still wanted a good picture of her.

Oh no!  Not another accident!  Maybe I need to take her to the eye doctor?  Does she look like this all the time and I just don't notice because I think she's the most beautiful girl in the world?  What's going on?

Do you know how fast she can make this face?  It's pretty fast.  I know, I thought to myself, I'll pretend I'm adjusting the camera and snap a picture before she can do it again.

Almost!  Not quite.  At this point I was laughing HARD, and she was laughing between shots too.  Why couldn't I get a picture of her then?  She looks so adorable when she's laughing!  Next big idea, pretend I'm collapsed with laughter and snap a shot while she thinks I'm incapacitated:

No luck.  I was laughing, but at the same time getting a little ticked off because I really wanted a good picture of her!  Damn it, Kira!  Stop it!  Stand nicely!  Be good!

This time she lunged the camera with her eyes crossed.  Too bad for me.  I had to wait until the concert to get a decent picture of her:

Well Kira, if you want to ruin my mothering moments by making goofy faces, those goofy faces will go on Mommy's blog.  The joke is on you.


  1. Wow! Cross-eyed, but great posture. Good one, Kira. Keep on flautin'.

  2. not liking to have pictures taken runs in your family... love it!


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