Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It's a blizzard

Trees on our sliding hill.  

We are having a full-fledged, Little House On The Prairie type blizzard today.  I know it's a true blizzard because Mitch went out driving.  Every time we get a snowstorm, Mitch insists on getting in the car and driving around in it.  He says it's festive, but also, I think he is trying to stick it to the weather experts on TV and radio who say to stay off the roads.  THEY ARE NOT THE BOSS OF HIM!

I was outside shoveling off the deck and Mitch came outside with his hockey bag and said, "I'm going to hockey, see ya later!"  I was bundled up so only my face was sticking out, pretending I was Laura Ingalls and I had to shovel a path to the barn because Albert was in there detoxing from his morphine addiction and if I didn't get to him he would DIE.  The wind was blowing around in circles and howling like a freight train, and Mitch comes out like "Dum de dum de dum, just a regular day, whistle whistle whistle," totally oblivious to the weather.  He got in his truck and left.  About an hour later he was back and actually said the words, "The roads are un-driveable!"  Now THAT'S a blizzard!

Now he is outside plowing the driveway with Sam.  Kira is building a fort.  The dog thinks all this new snow is bullshit, and I have vowed to celebrate by wearing my pajamas all day and watching every western on MeTV.  I already watched Gunsmoke and Bonanza and now I'm in the middle of The Big Valley.  Yesterday on The Rifleman, Lucas shot the points off the antlers of a deer head hanging in a saloon.  Each individual tip! With a rifle!  Miraculously there were no gigantic bullet holes in the wall behind the deer head.  I don't know how he does it!  The scene cut away before we could see the bartender say, "Lucas! WTF?!?" because if you're going to have a taxidermied deer head hanging on your wall, you want all the points on it.  Everyone knows that.  If you go to all the trouble of hunting a deer, having the head mounted, and hanging it up on a wall, it's pretty inconsiderate for someone to come in and shoot off all the points, Lucas.

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  1. Oh Sarah, you make me laugh so hard. Please write some books
    I need to come to this blog and read more often

  2. Thank you so much! I wish you would have left your name because now I suspect you are probably one of my parents.

  3. I dated a guy like Lucas once. He was a real asshole.

  4. i wish i could transport over to your house and hang out in your living room with my laptop and endless hot chocolate.


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