Monday, February 27, 2012

Touch Up

I've been touching up photos lately.  I love technology.  Why would I ever go on a diet or get a tan when I can just make myself skinny and tan in photos after the fact?  The differences are so subtle you can hardly tell anything was done, but people just look better.  See if you can see the differences I made in the sets of pictures.  The first picture is the original and the second one is the touch-up.  

Could you spot the differences?  
Okay, let's try again with another picture.  This one is me and my niece Millie:

So subtle!  Millie just looks a little more *with it*, don't you think?

One more time:

I changed one tiny thing and it made all the difference in Sam's level of coolness.  Can you tell what it was or do you just feel the cool vibe?


  1. OMG..Sam's socks! I love them all...I was really looking at the one of Dad then I saw A. Sarah's sunglasses and tie and LOL at work:)

  2. Oh...and I love Millie's tattoo:(

  3. The first picture is my favorite. It looks like French-raver Ellen Degeneres.

  4. The socks! The white spot on the quilt was an accident.


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