Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winter Break Activities!

President's Week pretentious fun fact!:  George Washington did not have wooden teeth, Simone!  He did, however, have bad teeth and by the time he became president he only had one natural tooth left.  His dentist used this as an anchor for his barbaric dentures.  His dentures were made of lead (as pictured) or ivory, human teeth (gross), cow teeth (super gross), and springs.  Here's a picture:

That space in the back right side of the picture is where his natural tooth was.  The metal must have rubbed on that tooth relentlessly.  GW got to be friendly with his dentist (mistake) and when his last tooth fell out he gave it to this dentist who put it in a little glass case and put it on his watch fob (psychopath).


  1. Mitch watched this video and said, "It would be more impressive if she could play two different songs."

  2. no wooden teeth? yeah, i guess you can't believe everything you hear...

    and how sweet were those dentures. totally comfortable looking.

  3. oh come on, admit it! you'd give your right arm for that watch fob with GW's tooth in it!

  4. Amanda, I would NOW because it would be of historical value, but I wouldn't want Barack Obama's tooth, or Joe Biden's tooth. Gross.


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