Friday, February 3, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dad!

It's my dad's 50th birthday today!  Just kidding.  He's not 50.  He's 51.  Just kidding.  He's not 51.  He's 52.  Just kidding.  This could go on for a while, so I'll just stop it right now.  Anyway, happy birthday to my wonderful Father!  I meant to write something earlier but I was having some connection issues so this is a little late on his special day, but like they say, better late!  I got my dad a T-shirt for his birthday, specifically this T-shirt:

Isn't that funny?  I think so.  Do you like it, Dad?

Now I am going to run an old post that I wrote for him on Father's Day a few years ago:

My Dad: A life in 18 pictures

It's Father's Day so I am going to dedicate this post to my dad, Chuck, by telling the abbreviated story of his life in 18 pictures.

He was born a looooooooooong time ago to this beautiful 1940's hottie.  (Hi Grandma!)  This is not the best picture of him.  In fact, it doesn't look anything like him, so I'm questioning if it really is him or if my Grandma maybe had a modeling job posing with old-timey babies.  I've never heard anything about that so I'll just assume it's him.  Or it's my aunt, but you get the idea.  (Another annoying thing about babies is that they are so androgynous.)

Then he grew up.  He was SUPER skinny and he liked cords, rolling his sleeves up and standing in the front in pictures.

He was one of the first dads to wear long socks with shorts.  (He's always been a trend setter.)

Then he met this beautiful lady, who is my mother. (Hi Mom!)

She likes bananas and wearing curlers.  She used to SLEEP on those curlers!  SEXY SEXY SEXY!

They got married they say in 1969, but I suspect it was really in 1970 and sort of shot-gun-ish.  My mom explains the maternity wedding dress by saying that it was an "empire waist" and it was really "in."  Yeah, okay, whatever.  Whenever it was, my Dad sure was happy about it!

The highlight of my dad's life was having this beautiful child who grew up to be a beautiful adult.  (He also likes loooooooong sideburns.)

My dad likes hammocks.  Actually, I've never seen him lay on a hammock, but I found this picture and he looks pretty comfortable, so he must like it.  Dad, you want a hammock for Father's day?

Here he is when my sisters and I were teenagers.  You can see the aging.  Sorry, Dad.  (It was mostly Beth's fault.)

Oh, I forgot to mention that he and his beautiful wife had a couple other kids after the first one, but never hit that first high again.  Too bad!    They are okay.

My dad likes to impulse-buy Corvettes.  I look super cool in the driver's seat, but you know what?  He NEVER let me drive it.  Not even once.

We jump ahead a few years to when my dad became a grandfather.  Finally, a boy!

Then a girl who has all of his summer fashion style and sense.

She also has an affinity for looking cool in fast cars.  (but who doesn't?)

My dad is a good Grandpa.  I was going to say "great" grandpa, but then I know you would all be writing in the comments asking me, "Does he really have great grandchildren?" and I'd have to explain myself.  I suppose I could use a synonym since I am an English major.  He is an exemplary grandfather.  How's that?  Now you just think I'm snooty.

A little over a year ago his third grandchild was born.  Another girl.  She's a doll but I think someone should tell him you're not supposed to drive babies around in the bed of your truck. FYI:  they bruise like peaches.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!  I love you!

I hope you have a great day!
He has another granddaughter since I wrote that post.  Here she is:

She's alright, but those fresh blue eyes and chubby cheeks make me look a little old and mealy by comparison, right, Dad?  No?  They don't?  I'm still your favorite?  Even though you have two other daughters and three other grandchildren?  Oh, thanks Dad.  Happy Birthday, I love you!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad. What a great post!

  2. I like your narration. Especially the part about bananas and curlers.

    Happy Birthday, Charles M. Lindahl.

  3. I laughed through the entire post because I am pretty sure your dad and mine are brothers or at least brothers in style!

    Happy birthday Charles and I hope your next 50 years (ahem) are as exciting and fashion forward as the first!


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