Monday, February 6, 2012


Kira is on a hockey team and Mitch is her coach.  He has a new group of girls this year and they aren't quite as dedicated as the team he had last year.  When I say that, I mean that they might hesitate if he gave the order, "Team: KILL-" whereas last year something would be dead before he could say, "You didn't let me finish! I was going to say, 'Team, Kill the music! Oh dear god! Someone call the police!'"  There are pros and cons to both kinds of teams.  For example, yesterday between periods when Mitch was trying to use his two minutes of down time to talk shop with the girls by telling them to stay focused on the game, one of the girls interjected with,

"Last night I coughed so hard that a noodle came up.  And I don't even remember the last time I ate noodles!"
Mitch's Herb Brooks-ish speech was overtaken by a discussion about strange things that have come out of the girls' bodies.  Mostly things they've coughed up but also,
"I farted so loud once it made my dog bark."

Last year's team hardly ever lost a game, but they also never spent game time talking about mystery-lung-noodles or canine-startling-flatulence.  Which team would you rather be on?


  1. Flatulence chat is fun no matter how old you are!

  2. Definitely this years question.

  3. Neither because I am afraid of getting hurt. That being said, I'd rather hang out and be team manager of the noodle-fart team!


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