Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kira in the car

Kira might be annoying sometimes (right, Sam?) but she sure is easy to please.  Mitch bought her a soda pop in a glass bottle the other day and she is obsessed with drinking things out of her glass bottle.  And whenever she has it near her she compulsively yells, "GLAAAAAAAS Bottle!" which led to this latest installment of Kira in the car:

"If I ever get in a bar fight I hope I have this glass bottle with me. I would break it over somebody's head."

And believe me, if she is willing to break her precious glass bottle over someone's head, they probably really have it coming. 

Also, I think I've been subjecting her to too many old westerns and the standard at-least-once-an-episode, glass-breaking saloon fight.  Violence isn't the answer, Kira. 

And another thing:  While in my Effexor coma, all I did exercise-wise was make things on my computer.  My fingers are STRONG.  I started a little online store on Zazzle, and made some bloggy things.  Mostly magnets, but also some ridiculously expensive coffee mugs.  And a T-shirt.  I don't know if I like the T-shirt.  I might take that one down.  The magnets are all Kira in the Car quotes.  Check it out here.

One more thing:  I am so FAT right now.  I might have to go on a diet because I had to put clean pants on this morning because I spilled strawberry shortcake on yesterday's pants, which I was planning on wearing again today (and tomorrow and the next day).  Anyway, the deep squats and lunges I had to do, along with the accompanying grunts to make the clean pants stretch to accomodate all my new flesh were anything but appealing (right, Mitch?)  So I will probably start detailing my dieting sob story again at The Chunkersons.  Who's with me?


  1. I'll be back at the Chunkersons... I'm serious Sarah... cut the wheat out little by little and you will see a difference, not just in your weight, but mentally as well.

  2. I can't decide which one I like best.......the bee and pollen one still cracks me up!

  3. I had to buy bigger pants. Much bigger pants (post wedding) and now they are too small.


  4. Yes, Stephanie, but your bigger pants are probably the size of my goal pants. I dieted all week and lost 0 pounds. Oh yeah, this is why I hate dieting.


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