Friday, December 19, 2008


I was looking through pictures today and I came across pictures of our trip to California. If you ask Sam what he did in California, he'll tell grand tales of battling the big waves with his surfboard. Here's what that looked like.

As I've said, Sam is a very cautious person but that doesn't stop him from trying new and dangerous things. He just does it carefully. Occasionally the water would come up far enough to lap up over the surfboard and gently refresh the belly of the dog that was keeping him company.

Then I came across this picture.

There was a park where we would go and feed geese and pigeons. Kira caught this bird on the fly. Seriously, it was flying and she grabbed it out of the air and proceeded to cuddle it until it was, I can only imagine, begging for death. That same day Sam and I were sitting on a bench when the geese started going into a feeding frenzy. We got scared and put our legs up and were starting to panic. Out of nowhere, Kira flew in and kicked the most menacing goose right in the breast hard enough to make a satisfying thumping sound and she told us that we needed to let them know who is boss. They backed off right away.

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