Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My New Buddy

This is my new friend, Birdie. She was originally named Zazu Lee by her last owner, who also thought she was male. I've been researching cockatiels and she is obviously female by the noises she makes and her behavior. (I really sound like I know what I'm talking about, don't I?) She is five years old and we got her from an ad on Craig's List.

Kira and Sam are desperate to have her love them, so of course, she doesn't. She gives them the occasional hiss and sidles away from their probing fingers as fast as she can sidle. (which is pretty cute) The kids have grown up enough now where they can be trusted to be alone with a pet. I can trust Kira around Birdie now, unlike when she was two and I left her alone with my parakeet Carl, and she put shoes on her hands and clapped him. Hopefully Birdie will never get shoe-clapped.

Birdie absolutely loves Mitch. She squeaks whenever she sees him or hears his voice. She flies to him if she is feeling especially brave, and when she is on his shoulder, she smashes her feathery body right next to his face and grooms his beard, his hair, and if she's quick enough, the occasional nose hair. She likes me enough, but nothing like she loves Mitch. All I do is clean her cage, feed her, groom her and entertain her. I'm like her mother. Mitch is like a superstar.


  1. I am dying over the shoe clapping, I cannot see through my blurry tears. Kira sounds alright in my book. Why WOULDN'T you put shoes on your hands and clap a bird?

  2. You'll be happy to know that Carl survived. He was just a little stunned.

  3. It did sound much gentler than a shoe smash.


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