Thursday, December 18, 2008

Caution is My Middle Name

I haven't really told a lot of stories about Sam yet. He is just so nice, and quiet, and sweet, and normal (most of the time) that he sometimes falls into the shadow of Kira's over-the-top craziness. He is also very crafty, and VERY careful. The picture to the left is him building a tree house at my sister Amy's cabin. He looked and looked for a tree to build it in, and then finally decided that putting an amateur-built dwelling in an unstable tree was just plain dangerous so he decided to make his "tree house" on the ground. It's under the deck right now.

A few years ago there was a party at school. There was a limbo game. As usual, Sam approached it with caution. Here's the kid that went under the stick before him.

Now here's Sam, after analyzing the situation, taking the safest route. My favorite part of this is that he turned his head so it takes up less space between the ground and the limbo stick.

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  1. That is the funniest EVER. I am going to wake up Ben to come and look at this.


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