Sunday, December 28, 2008

Third graders

Kira tells me that her school is haunted. Many many years ago, in the olden days (the seventies) a kid died in the boy's bathroom and now he haunts it. He bit her friend Austin in the arm one day. No kidding! There are two janitors at Kira's school. They are both old (in Kira's eyes) but Randy is nice because he has a horn on his trashcan, and Bob is not so nice because he never talks and he is the one who always gets called to clean up puke. Apparently Bob IS the ghost. He died in the bathroom when he was a kid. This story went through school for a few days and then some brave kid actually asked Bob if it was true. Bob told them that he is not the ghost, Randy is. Randy was once Bob's baby and he died when Bob brought him to work one day, and now he came back as an old man ghost and he helps Bob, his dad, with his work. (morbid) I don't know if this is all true, seeing that this version of the story is coming to me through about 15 third graders, but it is interesting, isn't it?

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