Saturday, December 20, 2008

Early Christmas

We had our Johnson family Solstice/Christmas celebration tonight. The kids had a FANTASTIC time. Sam got an R/C motorcycle that has a "gyrowheel" and he's ecstatic about it. Here's a conversation Sam and Mitch had about it on the way home in the car:

Sam - It was so nice of Grandma and Grandpa to get me the number one brand of remote control motorcycle!
Mitch - How do you know it's the number one brand?
Sam - Because it says so on the box.
Mitch - Don't you think all the boxes might say that?
Sam - No, I saw a commercial for this one and I know it was true because it was live.

Kira got a snow globe that she loves and is sure is handblown. She also got a very beautiful glass paper weight with dolphins in it. It's ironic that the klutziest, most hyper kid in the world is crazy for glass breakables. Seems kind of masochistic. They aren't broken yet. I'm giving them a week.

When we got home we discovered our roof vent is blocked because of the ridiculous amount of snow we are getting, so sewer gas is seeping out of one of the basement drains. Also our furnace stopped working, AGAIN so we got the wood stoves going, and and poured lots of water down the drain where the gas comes in, and now the house is warming up and there are just subtle undertones of the shit stench. Idyllic holiday night.

Here's Mitch while were opening presents. I might make it my Christmas card next year.


  1. This is probably way to late, but this is the best picture ever!!!!!


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