Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Hockey is in full swing again. Kira is playing this year, but Sam isn't. (To me this means there's half as many games I have to avoid) He couldn't get permission from the Duluth Amateur Hockey Association to play for Hermantown, where he goes to school, (stupid) and he's really not that into it anymore anyway. They start checking in Pee Wees anyway so I think he would have hated that. Not very safety conscious. Last year when his team won the championship they were all so happy that they pig piled in the middle of the ice. Sam skated around and watched until the last player jumped on, and then he went and casually leaned on the pile for a few seconds just to be a part of it. That was enough.

Kira is playing for the neighborhood team again and Mitch is coaching so I'll probably have lots of good stories to tell because those kids are nuts. There is a boy named Dylan on her team, and he is super cute, super scrawny, and pretty wild and obnoxious. This year he's also a bit of a second grade ladies man. There was a new girl in the warming house the other day. She took off her helmet and she has a fuzzy face. She's really blond and she has kind of a peach fuzz beard. Dylan noticed right away and Mitch was thinking he was going to watch Dylan point out the beard, and then get beaten to a pulp by the girl, but Dylan went right up to her, softly rubbed her cheek and said, "This means you have lots of friends."


  1. do all of my zits mean I have lots of friends?

    where is dylan when I need him?

    p.s. once my plumbing backed up and i had poop all over my basement, literal poop and it was so stinky. a guy came and cleaned it all up (by slinging the poo with his bare hands) and then after I cleaned with so much bleach my house smelled like a swimming pool.

  2. I think I am starting early menopause because I have neck zits and an under-chin beard. I'm going to start hanging out more with Dylan.

    I also had a river of poop in my basement once in a rental house and when the plumber came, he also used bare hands to rifle through it and he pulled out used tampons and told me that I shouldn't use those. Mortifying.


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