Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Boring Latest

I didn't get up until after ten today. What??? I haven't done that in a while. And I think I could have slept even longer if not for Kira coming in, giving me an unceremonious shove and saying, "Mom, Mom, Mom, can I download this app onto your iPod? Mom, Mom, MOM look, can I? Can I download this?"

I got up and decided to weigh myself. I've been on a half-assed diet for a week and a half. I gained 2 and a half pounds. WHAT??? How does that happen? Dense bones, that's how.

Now I'm sitting in my filthy pjs, in my filthy house, watching Jack Hanna on TV. Is he mentally handicapped? I think maybe he is. Earlier I watched a different animal show about bears. They did an entire segment on how special pandas are. Puh-lease. Pandas have really pulled the wool over everyone's eyes, haven't they? They must have good PR reps.  They probably have the same PR firm as Nancy Kerrigan.

Kira made herself a blog and her aim is "to tell the dead truth," whatever that means. She tried to be all nonchalant last night and took pictures of the enormous, ever expanding gray patch of hair on my head. I said, "What are you doing?" and she said, "Getting ready to tell the dead truth." So, you can expect to read the dead truth here.

Oh, and the last bit of boring news is that I expanded my blog template. Now the text goes all the way to the edges. That's better, don't you think? I felt like I was wasting cyberspace before. Now I'm being more economical. I also got some blogfish. They are on the sidebar. You can feed them. Go ahead.

I'm boring myself now. Time to do something productive.


  1. I can't find you blogfish. All I see is a chick in daffodils.

  2. I found the fish and fed them.

  3. The fish won't swell up and die if I feed them too much, right?


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