Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mad Men

Mitch and I have been watching the series Mad Men on DVD.  It's a really interesting show.  In case you don't know about it, it's about an advertising firm in the early sixties and the main character is Don Draper (Don Draper!)

 Don Draper!

He's super cool, smart, handsome, but troubled. I like the show mostly for the clothes, hair and make-up, and furniture (and Don Draper!).  (Oh, and the underwear, my god, the underwear!  It's positively architectural.  They just pushed their flab into flattering places, no matter how uncomfortable it was.  That's tempting, but I don't know if I could shove my back fat into the front of my bra.)

 1960's bra

Mitch likes the overt chauvinism so he's trying a little out at home.  Lucky me.  This consists mostly of him saying, "Hey, the sink is over there," and "Mix me a drink, woman!" and "I'm hungry." 

According to this show, people lived pretty dangerously in the sixties.  Absolutely everyone smoked, all the time, everywhere.  There was even a scene where a woman was getting a gynocological exam and the doctor lit up in the middle of it.  Weird.  There was a lot of drinking of scotch in tiny glasses too.  All day at work at this firm, the ad men are drinking.  They have booze and cigarettes in their supply closet!  These days the only thing worth stealing in supply closets is Post-its (not that anyone should steal anything out of supply closets, ever)  And also, nobody ever wore seatbelts.  So they were driving around drunk, seatbelt-less, and lighting up.  I think even texting while driving is safer than that.  There was also a lot of cheating in marriage.  People back then were apparently very hot to trot and easy.

I think I may know too much about the sixties now, Grandma.

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