Saturday, March 13, 2010


 I was making dinner tonite and Kira was sitting at the kitchen counter playing with some pieces to a game she has.  She wouldn't talk to me unless it was in a robot voice, and all she would say was, "OIL ME, LOLA."  She got this from an Old-Time Radio show about a robot named Junior that was built to be super strong and he was able to learn.  The robot ends up killing everyone in the story.  Kira loves it.  So as she's sitting there, ordering me to oil her, I said, "Kira, can't you say anything else?"  and she says, "LOLA, WHEN WILL DUKE BE BACK?  LOLA, WHERE'S DUKE?" I'm assuming that Mitch was supposed to be Duke.  Then she recited the alphabet in the robot voice, and I was beginning to wonder when Duke would be back myself.  Now she's downstairs calling Sam and Mitch Lola and ordering them to oil her. 

Hey!  It's spring ahead night!  I can spring ahead right now and put her to bed!


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