Sunday, March 14, 2010

The worst song in the world

I was driving in the car with the kids today and a song came on the radio that I had never heard before.  It's called Bedrock by Lil' Wayne and friends.  Lil' Wayne should be embarrassed, and so should all of his former teachers.  And his parents.  He probably should also be embarrassed that he calls himself "Lil' Wayne."   Here are the lyrics in red, and my comments in black.

She got that good, she Michael Jackson bad, Im attracted to her, but her attracted fast.  Huh?
And now we murders because we kill time (that is so stupid) and I cut lights out and she still shine. Aww.. 
I hate to see her go but I love to watch her leave. Get it?
But I keep her running back and forth like a soccer team.  simile.
Cold as a winter day, hot as a summers eve, more similes
Young Money thieves steal ya heart with ease.  What???  Why is money capitalized, and why do money thieves steal my heart?  Isn't their specialty money?

I like the way you walking if you walking my way, Awww...
Im that red bull now lets fly away. Red Bull, like the drink???
Let'z buy a place with all kind of space  yes, let's
i let chu be the judge and and im the case. huh? You want me to judge you?  Okay!
Im Gutta Gutta i put her under I see me with her, no Stevey Wonder.  This is just random words but something about being blind maybe?
She don't even wonder cause she kno she's bad and I got her niggah, grocery bag.  I'm utterly flabbergasted.

Oooh baby I be stuck to you like glue baby. Awwww... (but seriously, I need my space.)
Wanna spend it all on you baby.  Spend all what on me, the glue?
My room is the G spot (get it?), call me Mr. Flinstone cause I can make ya bedrock. GET IT? 

There is soooo much more to this song, lyric-wise, but I can't even bring myself to read it.  I never thought I would get old enough to think "young people's" music was stupid, but here I am, utterly disgusted with a young.... I was going to write musician, but he's clearly not a musician, or a lyricist...  pop star?   

I'm officially old.  
Lil' Dumbass Wayne


  1. You are not old....that just isn't art in any sense of the word. He is not a musician.

  2. This is so true--this song is so stupid. I think about how stupid it is every time I hear it on the radio. It's like a horrible English project--with all the similes and allusions.

    If this can make it to the radio, I wonder, what's next?

  3. I know! This guy writes things and people pay him for it. WHAT???

  4. If it weren't so bad on all levels it would be hilariuos. I like your comments.

  5. HA HA HA!!! I turn the radio station whenever I hear this song too!!!!

  6. But really you are old.

  7. I'm not old. That song is ungood (word misuse intentional).

    Notthing Wayne says ever really makes any sense because 9/10 times he's most likely high off cough syrup--just say NO!

    I love you blog btw

  8. Thanks Reed! I love your blog too.

  9. Thanks Reed! I love your blog too.


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