Monday, March 22, 2010


I found out this weekend that one of my oldest friends is getting a divorce.  They've been married about as long as Mitch and me and have kids about the same age.  I've had friends that have gotten divorced before, but then it seemed like they were nothing like us, and a lot of the time when I heard those couples were splitting up I was saying, "Oh no!" but I was secretly thinking, "Geez, it's about time."

This time is different.  This couple is too much like us.  It's kind of scary.  Reminds me that marriage is hard work a lot of the time, because I sincerely believe it's not a natural state to be legally bound to one person of the opposite sex FOR LIFE.  (Seems kind of mean if you think of it like that.)  I heard an analogy of marriage recently that said that marriage is like a mosaic and every day you add another piece to the picture and some pictures are ugly and small, and some are huge and beautiful, but it's up to the couple to decide what their picture is going to look like. Yeah, no pressure there.

Knowing how hard it is to married and be happy while doing it, I have taken some marriage-saving precautions.  I told Mitch that if he leaves me when I'm post-menopausal for a younger woman and has another family I will kill his new kids. (maybe I shouldn't put that in writing.)  I also told him that if he ever leaves me I'm going with him. 


  1. I think you've got the right idea, Sarah.

    But seriously, what's with all the mid-life crises lately? We're going on 17 years of marriage and I feel like a dinosaur in our neighborhood.

  2. "I also told him that if he ever leaves me I'm going with him."


  3. That kind of news does give you a jolt. But I think you never really know what a couple is like behind closed doors. Maybe it wasn't as much like your marriage as you thought.

    I like the warnings to your husband!


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