Thursday, December 9, 2010


I love new technology and all it brings, but the advent of the digital camera has caused something very weird to happen.  My dad and my sister send me pictures of bread they've made.  Lots of pictures of bread.

This is a picture of two loaves of focaccia bread my dad made last January.

These are the same loaves from the opposite angle.

This is the inside of one of the loaves in the other two pictures.  I don't know which loaf it is.  If you really want to know, I can ask my dad.  I know I was sent more pictures of bread from my dad.  I remember a round loaf, but until I saw a pattern happening, I didn't save the pictures.  So, sorry, I should have saved them, then I could have written a coffee table book called "Pictures of Bread My Dad Made."  But he might send me more, so the idea isn't totally dead yet.

This is a picture I received yesterday from my sister.  It is a loaf of bread from her bread machine.  I know, you're wondering what the inside of it looks like!  Well, don't fret, my friends!...  

She sent me one of those too!  Mmmmmm....breeeeeeaaaaaaddddd.


  1. This is perfectly normal, on all levels.

    I send my family pictures of everything I make. Omelets, pies, muffins, noodle dishes, soups…you name it my family has a shot of it.

    That bread look delicious! I want some!

  2. Now I'm hungry for a slice of homemade bread with butter and strawberry Jam one it!

  3. You guys aren't getting it, this is WEIRD! I never told Beth my dad sends me pictures of bread. They don't send any other foods except maybe the elaborately decorated cake, but they have their cameras ready when it's bread time!

    Beth, are those canisters in the back from Grandma's house? I can't tell because she always had hers covered with crocheted cozies.

  4. I'm with's a little weird...but who am I to say, my sister sends me pictures of her earrings!

  5. Gram's canisters were orange.

  6. If your dad and sister frame any pictures of bread and give them to you as gifts - find a new family.

  7. I got the most delicious bread from Whole Foods last week. It was as close to homemade as I have ever tasted.

    My German coworker said that it was very close to German bread, which is a huge compliment.

  8. Um guys? You're missing the point. I agree with you that homemade bread is good and all, and I bet homemade German bread is especially good, but did you actually experience the bread you're fondly remembering or did you just see a picture someone took of their delicious loaf of bread? Because all I'm getting is pictures. And that's a little weird. That's all I'm saying. If they sent me the bread instead of the picture of the bread, that would be soooo much more normal, and quite thoughtful too. I'd really like some actual bread.

  9. What the heck is "focaccia bread"? Dad makes chiabota (sp) bread, which is like french bread.


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