Monday, December 27, 2010

Handicapped Blogger

My computer is in the shop so my blogging capabilities are limilted. I can't upload pictures so anything I post is going to be lame-o. But I feel compelled, so you know, lucky you. I got an iPad for Christmas and I love that whenever I type the word "iPad" it autocorrects so the I is lowercase and the p is uppercase. Fancy! Seriously though, I love this device. When it came out someone asked Steve Jobs, "Isnt the iPad just a big iPod? What's the big deal?" and his answer was, "Who wouldn't want a big iPod?" No kidding! I do! It's my favorite new toy.

I also got the first season of the show Modern Family which I didn't watch much last year when it came out because it is on the same time as my Magnum reruns. I might have to skip a night of Magnum from now on because Modern Family is the funniest show on TV. Every character is hilarious.

I went for a snowshoe walk yesterday in the woods and got lost for about a half hour which is pretty sad when you consider the giant snowshoe tracks I was leaving, but there was a circle involved, and some over-confidence on my part, and a dog who I trusted to lead me home until I figured out she had no interest in going home because slogging through deep snow for her is apparently fun and not tedious exercise. I wish I could see a map of where I walked. I bet it would look like one of those Family Circle cartoons where one of the idiot kids walks ten miles in a forty square foot space.

Hopefully my computer will be fixed tomorrow because I have a LOT of pictures to post!


  1. phone-idy, phone, phone... phone, phone!

  2. Glad you found your way home! I love Modern Family, too! A great show!

  3. Although not set in a wintery location, your mishap sounds like it could be an episode of Modern Family.


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