Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Winter, holidays, yadda yadda

The family took a little trip to Bentleyville tonite.  Mr. Bentley is one of those people who go totally overboard decorating their yard for the holidays; so much so that he used to give tours of his yard, and then a few years ago the city of Duluth moved (and expanded, I'm guessing) all his stuff to Bayfront Park and you can go and see all the lights.

First we stopped and picked Mitch up at his office downtown.  He has a new desk he wanted to show off and also, there was this:

Watch out Fortune 500!

Bentleyville was pretty cool but I only got one picture because my batteries went dead, I think because it was 9000 degrees below zero.  I'm depending on my niece Jonee to post her pics on Facebook so I have pictorial evidence that I was there because I will never go again in weather colder than 60 degrees.  My face is still thawing.

Sam, Rory, Kira and Rheo

I got home and looked on Facebook and discovered that I could make a decorative collage of my status updates for the whole year.  Christmas card idea:  done and done!  Here it is:

Merry Christmas, and you're welcome!


  1. I seriously lol'ed at the FB statuses. You are funny, Sarah.

    I hope the pocket pool and crusty Snuggie are unrelated.

  2. Love the letter! Very funny and clever!

  3. This is awesome. Now I wish I actually did Facebook status updates. Then I wouldn't have to worry about my Christmas letter (if I even did those to begin with!)

  4. Ummmm there's no MD after my name but
    Wow..........that's your whole year?
    Maybe you should look into getting help, or try to get out more.

  5. Hang white "bored" up??????

  6. No, Anonymous, it says "board." I wouldn't have taken a picture of it if it was spelled wrong. And hey, don't be so anonymous!

  7. i lolled at chin hair season, james cameron/ paul mccartney sisters, and skin grafted thighs. <3

    i want to try this out on my fb but i know i'd just be setting myself up for comic disappointment.


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