Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Stress and Baby Wombats

I'm chock full of stress lately (or is it chalk full?  I'm pretty sure it's chock.  Nobody seems to want to answer this question because I know I've asked it before.)  I don't know why I'm so chock/chalk full of stress, but I obviously am because I have stress dreams every single night and I'm getting really sick of it. 

A few days ago I dreamed that nobody liked me and I was in trouble for something that I couldn't put my finger on.  I keep dreaming that I can't run when I have to run because my legs are huge and heavy (hey, my legs are huge and heavy, omg)  Last night I dreamed that I had twins and they were premature (I think I dreamed about twins because Beth said if she has twins she is going to name them Gargamel and Azreal), and because my babies were so early, I still had subbing jobs scheduled and I couldn't cancel them so I just had to leave the babies at home in their aquarium (???) for the whole day and then when I got home I didn't have any baby formula so I had to feed them salad dressing instead.  Boy did they stink after a bottle of Ranch.  I felt really bad about that.  I also dreamed that I took a job at my old school in Litchfield and the superintendent, who was bald and middle-aged when I actually worked there in the nineties; in the dream had hair plugs that looked like some kind of shiny plastic that were super thick and started an inch above his eyebrows, and also, he refused to wear a shirt to work.  That caused dream stress.  So not only am I stressed in real life, I dream of being stressed out by hairy, half-dressed administrators that I haven't thought about in ten years. 

But why am I mentally so stressed out?  I can't really figure that one out.  I don't have a stressful job, I have enough money, my marriage is not on any kind of rocks, my kids are fine, my Christmas shopping is almost done etc. etc.  There is no reason (other than that I may possibly be going crazy) for me to be stressed out enough to have crazy dreams EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. 

I googled "stressed out" to get a picture because Mitch says that posts with  no pictures are lame, and along with the obligatory hair-pulling pictures, this came up:

It's apparently a baby wombat, but looks like a baby devil/Ed Asner with a rat head.  Lest you think that this was some sort of anomaly on behalf of google images, I also found these:

Two more pictures of the horrifying devil/rat/wombat who is seemingly the poster-child for stress.

Guess what I'll be dreaming about tonite?


  1. You are stressing because you have no stressors...
    I can give you some of mine! LOL

    Chalk/Chock both showed up as correct!

  2. I thought it was chuck full...but what do I know? And now I will have nightmares about a strange pink hairless beastie. Thanks.

  3. Yeah, I was going to say. Wrong pictures to look at. Your dreams are going to be 12 times crazier.

    The salad dressing was kinda sad. I still laughed though. It was a dream. You can laugh at those.

    And now you and others have me wondering if it's Chalk, Chock or Chuck full??

  4. chock- As in, "You should get chock-full of red wine and see what happens to your dreams."

  5. Am I wrong to think the baby wombat is cute?

    Don't answer that.

    I clearly need to work with animals. I love them all. Except guinea pigs.

  6. From Dad:

    It's "chock" English teacher. As in, "The bus is chock full of unruly students." Chalk is the white mineral that comes in round sticks that people used to write on old slate blackboards before there were powerpoint presentations and whiteboards. And of course, "Chuck" is your father. I think you are stressed and having stressful dreams because you know you need to work hard and earn a lot of money so you can purchase a 1963 Corvette (red of course) with a 427 big block engine and 4 speed trans. Once you do that, all your stress dreams will fade away. Trust me, it'll work. Dad

  7. Now I'm stressing out over the fact that you're stressing out. I think you dad should send you on a vacay. If he REALLY loved you, he'd do that.

  8. you should check one of those online dream dictionaries! then you will know what your crazy dreams are trying to tell you! i just finished drawing a cartoon about dreams, then i read this and i was like wooah, am i dreaming?! then one of my dogs farted. ha ha ha!

    and i agree with @stephanie - those wombats are cute!!! like, in a so-ugly-they're-cute kinda way.

  9. Sarah - I think we have the same dad, with the same name.

    Jess - ugly is the new cute, right? And hee hee to dog farts!


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