Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry School Holiday Program Day!

Today was the day of the annual holiday program at Kira's school.  I went and it was cute, as usual; and I got a little misty (shut UP) because this is the last program I will see at her school (with my kids in it anyway and it's creepy to go to an elementary holiday program if you don't have a kid in the school, don't you think?) I've been going to these things at my kids' school for TEN years!  And now it's over.  We are all getting SO OLD. 

The kindergarteners stole the show because they are so insane.  They sang jingle bells and got so crazy that they were all singing different parts and some of them were dancing in front, and waving maniacally to their parents and screaming out "HI GRANDMA!"... total chaos.  The music teacher had to stop the show and everyone laughed (except me) and the music teacher said, "Watch my mouth" and pointed at her mouth, and then they did and they did an excellent job.  Sure they're little and cute, but why so crazy?

Kira is in fifth grade now and next year she will be in middle school.  She has really been lucky in school because all the kids in her class are so nice and they all get along so well.  I don't know about her, but I will miss them when they leave.

Here she is today

This is back when she was a crazy kindergartener and Sam was a very serious 3rd grader.


  1. My how she's grown! Maybe those kids were hopped up on candy.

  2. omg...middle school? Already? I'd be misty eyed too. And I love that she told you about the concert the day before.

  3. Awww... cute and misty-eyes a little.

    And serious, indeed!

    I want to do that - sing carols somewhere and jump up and down and shout out at my Grandma, but it will get me arrested.

    Youth is wasted on the young, ya know..?

  4. School programs are so much fun! I remember when mine were in them!


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