Sunday, December 12, 2010


It is so cold out this morning that the air is somehow clearer.  It looks beautiful outside from inside the warm house, and this morning I was looking out the glass door at my dog who was sitting in the snow barking at nothing and I thought it looked beautiful outside, but then I noticed that she was holding one paw up because it was freezing so I made her come in.  Neither one of us thinks it's all that beautiful outside anymore.  When simply being outside for a few minutes can cause serious injury, that overcomes how sparkly and clear it is.

I don't really have a topic for this post, I just wanted to write something so that the pictures of bread were moved down the list.  I'm sick of looking at the bread.

Mitch took the kids to a hockey tournament in the cities this weekend.  They were at the heart of the gigantic monster blizzard.  I saw some pictures from friends who live down there and there are drifts of snow covering their windows.  Holy claustrophobia!  The blizzard missed us, thank god.  I heard on the news this morning that the roof of the Metrodome collapsed.

When Sam was packing for the weekend and was heading out the door to get in the car Mitch said, "Do you have your toothbrush?" and Sam thought about it and shook his head and went to get it.  Mitch then said, "COME ON!  THIS ISN'T A HOLIDAY FROM HYGIENE!" which made me laugh hysterically, and I'm sure Sam is filing it away to bring up when he's an adult and making fun of crazy things Mitch has said.

In other big news, I finally got a cell phone.  I have been holding out because I really don't like talking on the phone, but the other night I went out with a friend and it was snowing and horrible outside, and when I was driving home through the wet snow, dodging deer and skidding across ice patches, I thought Mitch was probably at home worried sick about me out in this horrible weather, and I hoped he hadn't already gotten in his truck and come out looking for me. I got home and he was in bed asleep.  I was just a little put out that he wasn't at least waiting up for me.  He woke up enough to say hello and I told him something about the movie we saw and he said, "You went to a movie?"  He doesn't even listen to me! So if I would have skidded off the road or hit a deer, simply waiting for Mitch to come out looking for me would have been fruitless and I would have had to hitch a ride with someone who was most likely a serial killer.  So much for our soap-opera-like romantic psychic connection!  It was time to get practical so I got a Blackberry.  I love it!  Aside from a minuscule keyboard that makes me feel like a giant with banana hands, it is fantastic!  I really like the way it alerts me with a friendly little "bllliiinnggg" whenever I get a text or an email or a Facebook message.  (Actually, I might have to turn off the Facebook alert.  I don't want to be alerted every time someone comments on a comment I commented on.) I wrote something on Facebook about finally joining the 21st century and my friend Cynthia wrote, "20th." and at first I thought she didn't know what century it was but then I figured out that she was making fun of me and I had to admire what a good shot that was.


  1. I'm impressed; to go from no cell phone straight to a blackberry! I am still trying to figure out my cell phone, and I refuse to text. I'll call if I have something to say, thank you.

  2. Hilarity! Mystery number: did you call me? I got a cell phone! ... I thought it was a random prostitute Texting me and then I realized it was you! Hugs and kisses from the blizzard. Cynthia

  3. A Blackberry.......Wow you must be really smart.....
    I really wanted one of them there ipads and The Boyfriend said as soon as my cell phone was smaller than a brick I could move on to an ipad.
    Technology sometimes goes on without me.

  4. Oh Jane, I don't know how smart I am. I got a Blackberry because I think "Blackberry" is a cute name, and it has a Qwerty keyboard that makes texting easier. I told my aunt it was hard to type on that little keyboard and she said, "You know you're only supposed to use your thumbs, right?" No wonder it was so hard to get my hands on it!

  5. i am seriously considering having my blackberry grafted to my hand, i'm so obsessed with it.
    you'll get used to the tiny keyboard! if i can do it with my chubby fingers ANYONE can.
    also, you can set up what you want facebook to bliiiing you about! :D amazingness!!!

  6. I hate cell phones, but not as bad as I hate facebook.


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