Thursday, April 2, 2009

The big guns

This is what Kira was doing when she was supposed to be cleaning up her mess in the basement. When she got done with this, she took one of the balls out and Sam called her "Uniboob" and we all started laughing so hard we were crying.


  1. In the second picture Sam was moving his arm past the camera really fast and it looks like a ghost arm.

  2. We've had a similar experience in our home. In our case, it was Nate with miniature Nerf basketballs stuffed under his shirt.
    He was having a grand time cracking everyone (mostly himself) up and parading around the room when he all of a sudden began pretending to fire (what, breast milk) at unseen enemies from his enhanced chest.
    His brother pointed out he would make a unique superhero with a mutant power like that, at which point Nate stopped, got a very serious look on his face and shouted "Wonderboob powers, LACTIVATE!!!!" at which point I believe everyone within earshot wet themselves laughing (I know I did). It's become a recurring battle cry for us.

  3. Boobs are funny. Jared, that is sooooo hilarious about Nate. I would pay good money to see that whole production! I remember using super balls in my halter tops when I was about Kira's age. I was proud of it because I thought it wasn't going over the top, it looked real, like if a nine year old had boobs, they really would be super ball sized. (It did not look real). I walked around the neighborhood like that. Nobody ever said anything. Maybe they thought that was a clever and handy place to carry my super balls because I didn't have pockets or something.

  4. LOLOLOLOLOL! I laughed so hard at the "walked around the neighborhood like that" that I couldn't get the words out to read it to Ben. I'm sure it was annoying for him to wait for me to stop cackeling.


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