Tuesday, April 14, 2009

More Horrible Facts

More horrible facts from 1001 Horrible Facts:

1. It would take 20 minutes to pour all the human urine produced in a single day over Niagara Falls. (COOL!)

Think about it, that's A LOT.

2. King Louis IV of France had a stomach twice the size of a normal human stomach. (How the heck would anyone know that?)

3. The longest tapeworm ever found in a human was 108 feet.
(I wonder how much it weighed?)

4. Over a ton of pubic hair has to be filtered out of London's sewage each year and be removed to landfill sites.
(I couldn't find a picture. Sorry!)

5. There is enough sulfur in the human body to kill all the fleas on a dog. (Question: How many fleas are on a dog? Are we talking about a chihuahua or a Great Pyrenees? I think I could casually "expel" enough sulfur to kill all the fleas on a chihuahua, if the chihuahua was strategically placed; but I'd be hard pressed to kill a mature colony on a Great Pyrenees without some sort of medical intervention.)

Oh CUTE! They play guitar!

6. The pearl fish swims into a sea cucumber's anus and lives inside it during the day, coming out at night. The sea cucumber breathes through it's anus, so it can't keep the fish out. (I have several questions about this one:
1. Why does the pearl fish only stay in the sea cucumber's anus during the day?
2. What is it doing at night?
3. Why do people assume it's the sea cucumber's anus and not it's mouth, if that's where it breathes?
4. Why not just call it it's mouth?
5. Was some crazy know-it-all marine biologist asked which end was the mouth and which end was the anus, and not knowing, he just guessed, and then later was he busted when the sea cucumber was caught eating and breathing with it's anus and crapping with it's mouth?
6. Did he then say, "Oh, it's a mysterious animal, this sea cucumber. Now don't bother me, I'm an important marine biologist and I'm off to find the elusive SeaCheez-it that has an amazing ability to hear things with it's ear-shaped rectum!"?
7. Why is it that because the sea cucumber breathes out of it's anus, it can't keep the fish out?
8. Hasn't the sea cucumber ever heard of spitting?)

Mouth? Or anus?
(aren't you glad people don't ask that when they look at pictures of you?

See, there's something to be thankful for every day.)

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  1. OMG and FYI - http://www.reefed.edu.au/home/explorer/animals/marine_invertebrates/echinoderms/sea_cucumbers


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