Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun at the office

This pic was taken when Mitch first got his computer. We spent days crowding him out of his office taking pics of ourselves. I spent a good part of the morning in Mitch's office today. He spring cleaned it, got a new desk, got a new bookshelf, got all the taxes and books up to date... and I helped! So I am now the Swampthing Environmental employee of the month! Seriously, he even has a picture of me on the wall of the office but I don't have a plaque yet. Get on it Boss! Unfortunately, I think I may have to file a sexual harassment claim against him because when I was working in there he kept calling me his "sexetary" and he swatted my butt once.
I'm documenting EVERYTHING.

what if?

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  1. I can see by the picture why he called you sexetary. Who wouldn't want that gal walking around their office looking so fine.


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