Thursday, April 9, 2009

Northfield and Barbie

I spent the last couple days visiting my Grandma in Northfield. I also saw a cousin I haven't seen in a really long time, and met some new friends. Did I take any pictures of people? No. Would a picture of my Grandma laughing her ass off at Twilight have been a keeper? Definitely. Would it have been nice to have a picture of me together with Grandma, aunts and cousins? Sure! Did I remember that my camera was in my purse when I had an opportunity to take these pictures? NO!

But I did happen to remember it when my aunt and I were playing with her barbie clothes. I thought it was a little strange when she sent me an email that said only, "Bring your barbie." But I went with it. She has a friend who sews barbie clothes and they were absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. My barbie was in heaven. Here's how she looked:

This is an evening gown that barbie might wear to the Oscars or some other equally important actor award program. Stunning! It was lined and all the little tiny seams were perfect.

This is a gorgeous old-timey Dr. Quinn dress. It has a removable bustle for when Dr. Quinn's clinic gets really busy and she has to race around saving lives giving out laudenum. You go, Dr. Quinn! You can't see it in the picture, but the blouse has little tiny pearl buttons going down the front.

This is another evening dress, but instead of wearing it to an awards show, she would probably wear this singing Ella Fitzgerald songs at a jazz club. Notice the tiny pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings. Barbie wasn't crazy about the earrings because they are sharp and I had to jab them into her head. And the gloves, my god, the gloves!

I have saved the best for last. This is a replica of the wedding dress that Jackie O. wore in her wedding to JFK. It looks JUST like it! The veil has a long lace train. Barbie was really excited about the dress and was pushing Ken into setting a date, but Ken wasn't all that excited about "making it legal" so Barbie did a little accesorizing that would help convince him.

That's a gun in her cleavage. My contribution to the barbie playtime. Barbie belongs to the NRA, did you know that?

So anyway, we had a great time with the Barbie clothes. Thank you so much to Sarah's friend Vicki for making the clothes and more importantly, for letting us play with them. Vicki even sent her Barbie along because she said "Barbie has cabin fever and would love a trip to Minnesota." and dressed her in traveling clothes for the trip. Hilarious!

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  1. Okay, Twilight fans, in my Grandma's defense, she didn't laugh at the movie while we were watching it. She has read the first two books and she wanted me to give her a synopsis on the last two, so I gave her a very detailed dramatic retelling, and she found it amusing. Because seriously, what could be funny about Twilight?


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