Friday, April 24, 2009

Sixth Sense

Sam bugs me everytime we rent movies about getting something scary and gory. He thinks he can handle it. I keep telling him that most of those movies are just stupid and boring and gross, but he's dying to see something scary anyway. So tonite I got The Sixth Sense. We watched it together and the only time he really jumped was when that ghost was under the bed and grabbed the kid's leg, and also when I screamed as loud as I could for no good reason during a quiet part. I could almost hear his heart beating!

I haven't seen that movie in years, and I remember being scared out of my mind during some parts of it, but this time when I saw it I thought the story was so overwhelmingly sad that the scary parts weren't even that scary. Poor dead people just want to send off one last message to their loved ones, so they go to this little weird boy for help, but they are such social ignoramuses that all they do is scare the shit out of him and let's face it, that's not helping anybody. Little tip for all the ghosts: when you visit the medium, especially a young and vulnerable medium who's just getting into the biz, don't do it by hiding in his blanket-fort while he's in the bathroom peeing in the middle of the night. And then as if the fact that you're a ghost and you've snuck into his bedroom isn't startling enough, do you have to do it with vomit flowing out of your mouth? That is so tacky! Try during the day, in public, at a park. Just walk up nicely and introduce yourself. "Hi, My name is Jane and I'm actually a ghost and I'm finding this whole being-dead thing a little disconcerting and I could use your help since you're the only one who seems to be able to see me. Could you do me a fave?" Remember, ghosts, you catch more flies with honey!

Sam handled his first scary movie pretty well, although I notice that his light is still on. Now the question: to scare or not to scare? I'm thinking of slinking silently along the floor until I get up to his bed and then grabbing his arm and yelling "RAAAAARRRRR! I'M A GHOST!"

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