Saturday, April 11, 2009


It's that time of year again, folks, I mean skinstache time. What is a skinstache, you ask? It is a patch of melasma (the same thing as the dark line that runs down a pregnant woman's belly) but when it's on the face it limits itself to the upper lip and around the mouth, kind of like age spots, but instead of a nice brown color it is exactly the same color as Fred Flintstone's five o'clock shadow.

And it gets darker with sun exposure!
Ha ha, Mother Nature! You're so funny!! I personally have been blessed with a thin skinstache immediately above my upper lip, and then wider on the sides of my mouth. Kind of a pervy '70's looking 'stache.

So today I started applying sunscreen to the skinstache areas hoping that this year I can prevent even one person from eyeing me up and saying, "Hey,... you got a little dirt or something around your mouth."

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