Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Car conversation

The kids spent the evening with their grandparents and cousins making a bonfire on the beach. They had a great time, and they are super exhausted right now. We picked them up to bring them home and here is a snippet of the crazy, punchy conversation we had on the way home:

Sam: mumble mumble (giggle giggle) mumble poop mumble fart (giggle giggle)

Mitch, Me: What?
Kira: Really?

Sam: Sasha told me that the combination of a poop and a fart is called a "shoof."


Me: I think you mean shart. That's the combination of a poop and a fart. (I'm an English major, that's why I know these things)

Mitch: Yeah, it's shart, not shoof. Shoof doesn't even make any sense.

Kira: I shoofed once!

That's enough. That was the most coherent part of the conversation the entire ride home.

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