Saturday, June 20, 2009

Karen's Farm

When we visited Iowa, my aunt's friend Karen was kind enough to invite us all over for lunch one day. She lives on a little farm out in the country and has tons of animals. She has a litter of six week old kittens right now and we were all DYING to see them. I think we may have even convinced my aunt to take one or two of them... or three.

The cats were hiding, can you believe that?

Is there anything cuter than that?

Aside from kittens, Karen has three donkeys, three horses, three border collies, a gigantic white dog, a Jack Russell Terrier, two tortoises, chickens, pigeons, doves and canaries, as well as beautiful gardens. For lunch Karen made chicken salad and a green salad from lettuce she grew herself. It was fantastic! Thank you, Karen!

As soon as the donkeys saw us in their pen, they walked right up to us and demanded petting.

The horses are very friendly. One of them has an eating disorder!

This is Karen and her Jack Russell named Archer. Archer is my favorite of all the pets. He's a shriner.

Here's Sam and a kitten. Look at his muscle! A mustache and a muscle; he'll be a man soon!

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  1. I love that your awkward pre-teen has a muscle and a mustache and is holding a cute little cuddly really makes him look tough.....good pics.


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