Sunday, June 7, 2009

My parsnips

I love this time of year with the warmer (but not too hot yet) weather, the blooming flowers, school ending etc. etc., but there is one bad thing. My legs tend to look a bit like hairy parsnips in the spring. There's the lack of outdoor activity all winter which results in the lumps and bumps, and then there is the shocking, unappetizing paleness.

Who eats these things?

Here's the annual dilemma, to tan or not to tan? On one hand it's bad for you, with cancer and all; but it's so slimming! (tan skin is slimming, not cancer. Although cancer patients tend to be pretty darn thin!) I could resort to tanning lotion, but I always get a bit orange from that which invites the unwelcome comparison to carrots, which is only slightly better than the comparison to parsnips.

I haven't decided yet if I will let the rays touch my parsnipy skin this year. I probably will only because every time I use sunblock I inadvertently (but immediately) rub it in my eyes and it really really stings. So, until I get a good base, this is what I will look like from the waist down, laying out:

I will be wearing shorts though, (obviously) which always gives me odd tan lines and then in July when I put my swim suit on in front of my sister Beth, she will say, "Nice skin shorts."

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  1. Those really do look like you legs! This is libra.


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