Saturday, June 6, 2009

Garage sales

Cake I made with my new pans

We went garage saling (is that really a verb?) this morning. I got heart shaped cake pans, Kira didn't have any money but she found lots of junk that spoke to her in free boxes.
(Kira, yelling to me across a yard full of people: "Mom! There's a chapstick in this free box! Can I have it? "
Me: "NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Gross!" and then enduring the homeowner looking at me like I'm a bitch.)

There were a pair of white cowboy boots with fringe that she wanted, but she wasn't willing to give me a foot rub worth two dollars, so too bad. Sam got matching ketchup and mustard bottles. He's going to give them to my parents for their anniversary. When he asked the lady how much she wanted she said, "Fifty cents... you're really living the dream, aren't you kid." I laughed and laughed.

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