Monday, June 29, 2009

Kira and Sam on the Paddleboat

My in-laws got a paddleboat for out at their cabin. The kids LOVE IT! They were so excited to be out at the lake, Sam for the boating opportunities and Kira just wanted to be swimming every second. Here they are on one of their many paddleboat rides together. Sam always has a plan and a destination. Kira never does. This causes some problems. Every so often Kira would stop peddling, strip off her lifejacket, (totally defeating the purpose of a life jacket) and jump in, not caring at all how much it pissed Sam off.

After jumping in, she would swim around to the back (always catching the boat no matter how hard Sam tried to peddle away from her) an then hang off of the ladder which would make steering the boat very difficult for the angry boy with a plan and destination.

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