Thursday, June 4, 2009

I have to start carrying a camera around with me

Today was the first day of vacation for Kira and we had a ton of errands to run. When we got in the car she discovered the 3D glasses that she left there from last night when we went to the movie Up. (Excellent movie, btw - really sweet!) The new 3D glasses are plastic (not cardboard with a red lense and a green lense) and I think these are supposed to kind of look like the glasses of the old guy in the movie. Kira popped out the lenses and wore them all day. I wish I could have taken pictures of her in all our ordinary places with those glasses on. I would especially love to have a picture of the cashier at Target when she gave Kira a "wha wha WHA?" triple take. It was so funny! She got to thinking about glasses and she said, "You know, almost everybody in our family has glasses.... except me... and Sam... and Dad." I think we need to cover the concept of majority/minority over the summer.

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