Wednesday, June 10, 2009

William A. Irvin/William H. Macy

The Cousins and Grandma and Grandpa

We took a trip this afternoon to beautiful downtown Duluth and we toured the William A. Irvin, a retired iron ore ship which for years Mitch told me was named the William H. Macy. Julie and Rich met us with the cousins. It was fun! I forget that Duluth is a tourist town and there are lots of fun things to see.

I've been on this tour before, but not since the kids were really little. Kira was two years old and we were lining up for the tour and I went to put her up on my shoulders and didn't realize I was standing under a huge steel beam, and when I hoisted her up I banged her head on the beam and she hit so hard that the whole ship donged. She cried a little, but she was fine. The people in line behind us looked at me like I was a horrible mother, and continued to watch me to try to catch me in another act of abuse. One of them even looked at a teeny tiny scrape on her face and said, "Where did she get that cut?" I said, "Last night when she wouldn't SHUT UP!" No, I didn't really.

Anyway, back to today. Here's some more pics:

They're all getting so big!

Isn't he handsome?

Thank goodness the ship is bolted to the dock

This is Sam in the engine room. There is a legend that this ship is haunted because one time an engine worker got blasted in the face when a steam pipe broke and his face melted off. Hey tourguide, thanks a bunch for telling us that lovely story! (Actually, the kids loved that story.)

Sam and the kids in the cargo hold hearing about the melted-face ghost.

After the tour we went to Bayfront Park so the kids could run around together for a while. Kira found a beautiful lilac bush and burrowed into the center of it and discovered a big utility box so she stood on it and yelled which attracted every kid in the park who also wanted to try it. There are kids all over Duluth tonite with scratches all over their bodies because Kira lured them into the middle of a lilac bush and convinced them it was fun.

Kira decorated her grandparents

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