Monday, September 7, 2009

I learned something very interesting over Labor Day Weekend...

I learned that there is quite an extensive network of swingers (I mean exchanging spouses for ... you know....) in my hometown. My sister and I were talking about people we've (mostly she's) heard are swingers and there are more than you could imagine! (Ew)

Then I got to thinking, I've been married for eleven years and not one of the many many couples I apparently know who are swingers has even hinted at swinging with Mitch and me. Not that I'd say yes, I would say, "I'm so flattered that you asked! But we're (am I being presumptuous by saying *we*, Mitch?) not into that, but thanks anyway! I appreciate the offer!"

Eleven years. Is it me? Is it Mitch? Do we smell? Have people noticed that I hardly ever shave my legs? Is it because Mitch and I are slowly turning into children's characters?


  1. You're just WAY out of their league and they know it.

  2. Jeez. All I can think about after reading this (besides getting a chuckle out of the "children's characters" comment) is that, given the small size of your home town, there must be *many* awkward day-after scenes at the grocery store with all that swinging...not to mention the danger of inadvertent blood-relative pairing. As a transplant to the town, it always struck me how many people were related.

  3. Jared, I was thinking the exact same thing too! The grocery store: "Oh, hi... to go get some Fruit Loops!... heh heh... well,... How's (insert spouse's name)? ... okay then... See next weekend?"

  4. I would probably have to agree with Anne, You are a sext couple and that can be intimidating to some. Mitch did build himself quite a reputation back in the day!!!haha As far as not shaving your legs, most people that are married must be into that because it seems to be more common than not.


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