Friday, September 18, 2009

Irrational Fears

I think I may have a touch of OCD and it manifests itself in irrational fears that I worry about and fret over. I have lots of rational fears too, but they aren't very fun to talk about so this is just a list of the most ridiculous things I'm afraid of. Maybe if I shed some light on them, they will stop bothering me.

1. Dropping my iPod into the toilet. I don't even bring it in the bathroom, but I'm pretty sure someday, somehow, it will meet its fate in a toilet.

2. Going bald

3. Becoming a quadriplegic. This would be a rational fear if I ever did anything dangerous, but I don't so it's irrational. And it's also a fear because Mitch asked me one day if I'd ever wear a shirt that said "Jam Out with your Clam Out" on it. I said no, obviously, gross. And he said, "If you're ever a quadriplegic you'll wear that shirt every day."

4. Bears. I watched a documentary about Yellowstone the other day and it re-awakened my irrational fear of bears. They are so fast and bloodthirsty!


5. Spiders crawling in my mouth when I sleep.

6. Flesh eating bacteria.

7. Nuclear winter.

8. Sharks.

9. This crab:

So, what are your irrational fears? Public speaking? Dying alone? Peeing your pants at work? (been there, done that; not that scary) Tell me in the comments!


  1. My most crazy #1 irrational fear is that I will not get everything done that I want to do before I die. So much to do and say to make a difference. One voice to make a difference is nuts, but it has been done.

    The fear of failure is the next closest follower in the # 2 spot. Perfectionist is not good. I want to be spontaneous.

    Fear of abandonment would be my #3 fear. Wow that is really lame. People pleasing is not good. I am trying more to make people mad. Especially when I disagree.

    And when all is said and done and NOTHING of the sorts has happened. I may as well not have worried about any of it and just had some chocolate and smile.

  2. DEFINITELY Jason. The only thing I'm scared of. I imagine him looking in the windows when I'm alone at the cabin, standing in the woods when I shine the flashlight there as I walk to the bathroom and pulling me under when I swim in the lake. And I have YOU to thank for that. Appreciate it.

  3. Oh yes. Bears. They're so FAST. They're like racehorses with razor-sharp teeth and gigantic claws.

  4. Dana: That crab could pinch your leg off.

    Amy: Ch ch ch ch cha cha cha cha (Jason music)

  5. Floating docks, man hole covers and grates on the street...If anyone were to fall thru them and die a tragic death, it would be me. It may seem irrational, but that's just who I am.

    And having dinner parties. Totally irrational, I know, but a very real fear.

    P.S. Love that t-shirt. Brian always says "hang out with your wang out".

  6. Having my fat circled by someone with a Sharpie in their hand. Flashback from my old sorority days.

  7. Drowning in my car is #1. You see, I've somehow gone off the road and barely missed the guard rail, but am now careening down a steep embankment into a swift moving torrent. I ride along the surface for a while (remember that scene in Romancing the Stone?), but then the car begins to submerge, windows won't go down, 30-40-45 feet of water. One little pocket of air remains in the rear window and I'm there sucking it up. I own a window punch, which is a pen-sized tool used to shatter glass. However, it is not anywhere to be found.

    In second place is the fear of being wrongly accused and incarcerated. “But, I really didn’t do it!”


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