Tuesday, September 29, 2009


OH MY GOD! Look what I got for my birthday!!!! In case you don't immediately recognize it because you've only ever seen it in a thumbnail picture on your Amazon wishlist, it is the entire series of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Over 120 hours. All six seasons. Two RARE feature-length movies and exclusive bonuses with cast interviews, commentaries AND MORE! And it comes in this beautiful case.

In case you didn't already know this about me, Dr. Quinn is my favorite show EVER. Amy and I were obsessed with it. We taped it and meticulously labeled each tape with the name of each episode, and watched them over and over until we practically had complete psychological profiles on every character. If you ever want to know something about Dr. Quinn, I'm your woman. "Okay, Sarah," you say, "Which Colleen was better?" I say, hands down, the first one. They replaced her because she got too booby. Hard to stuff double D's into a prairie dress. The second Colleen was okay, but her head was distractingly gigantic.

Our favorite things about the show (besides Jane Seymour and all her wonderfulness) was that the Brian character was a little perv; every time someone said something to make a point you'd hear a hawk quietly punctuate the moment with a mournful "Caw...."; and when Dr. Quinn got mad she never yelled, she only whisper yelled, and then dramatically stormed out of the room. Oh, and Sully, hot hot Sully.

Thank you Amy, from the bottom of my heart. I love it and I have already told the kids that this is what we will be watching on movie night for the next two years. They're.... excited?


  1. SOOOOOO glad you got your DQ!! I might have to start it over tonight in honor of your birthday. Plus I'm super crabby and DQ has always been able to get me through the hard times....

  2. Awesome!....Now I think the ceramic rooster I got you might be a little lame....way to set a standard AMY!....Oh. by the way Happy Birthday Sarah you're getting a lame ceramic rooster for your birthday....or maybe I will bump it up to a rock pot so I can compete with DQ.

    artist is not responsible for rocks falling off of rock pot. If this happens just heat the rocks in the microwave and stick them back onto the pot.

  3. Beth, now I see where Kira gets her artistic ability (see: http://linda075blog.blogspot.com/2009/05/kiras-latest-art-project.html)

    Like the time Kira gave Mitch a handful of beads and a string and said, "Here Dad, make yourself a necklace."

  4. I love the shell very artistic....you have to be a true ar-tist to understand it....Did Mitch make the necklace?


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