Thursday, September 3, 2009

Roller Babe

I drove up to International Falls today with the kids and I told Sam he could choose the music. The song Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen came on and I had a total flashback to the roller rink across the border in Fort Frances from when I was a kid. Anyone who was anyone had their birthday party there. It was awesome. There were disco lights, and Canadian boys and every once in a while they would turn the lights down low and have a "couples skate." The girls would line up along the wall and the boys would pick a girl to hold hands and skate with.

One time, I think it was my ninth or tenth birthday, I was lined up along the wall and a Canadian teenager asked me to skate with him. Oh My God that was a big deal! All the girls at my party were tittering (jealous) and my parents were cracking up because the kid looked like a 50's greaser. They asked me which boy it was, and I said, "That boy, the one with blocks in his sleeves." (pack of cigs) He looked like this:

But that's okay, because I looked like this:

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