Thursday, September 17, 2009

More Old Pictures

I've been scanning old pictures that were taken on film (what the heck is that?) so I thought I'd share a few. I noticed today when I was scanning that there seemed to be a theme in the pictures I randomly chose, so I will call this post Sam and the Fight to Get Him to Eat.

When he was a baby, Sam didn't care if he ever ate or not. I could forget to give him a bottle and he wouldn't cry or anything. He'd just say, "Man, I've got a headache!" and I'd say, "Oh, that's too bad, when's the last time you ate?" and then I'd remember that I was responsible for feeding him and I'd feel terrible. (Oh relax, it was never more than a day!)(Just kidding.) When he started eating solid food I had to tie him tightly to his bouncy seat to keep him from slapping the spoon out of my hand. Then I'd sort of have to hold his head with one hand and shove the spoon in his mouth with the other. It was a constant fight and very messy.

Ironically, he'd put anything unreasonable in his mouth with only the slightest suggestion. We thought that was funny and it made for many funny pictures, like this one where my dad was seeing if he would eat a petunia. He would.

One of my favorite memories was when I had company over for dinner one night and we were eating spaghetti. Without saying anything to my guests I took a HUGE serving spoon and piled it high with spaghetti and pretended to feed it to Sam, who saw it coming and opened his mouth as wide as he could. I wish I had a picture of their faces. I just said, "What?" My sister thought it was funny.

When he was a preschooler, I had to make meals "fresh" and "adventurous" like this time when he wouldn't eat unless it was a picnic lunch outside. Winter picnic. Fun.

This picture has nothing to do with Sam and his history of being finicky, but I liked it so I thought I'd throw it on at the end. Kira, buck naked, potty training in front of the Christmas tree. Talk about "fresh" and "adventurous!"

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